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RS-P1 31 Band EQ


RS-P1 Dual 1/3 Octave Digital Equalizer

Designed excluseively for the ODR system, the RS-P1, Dual 1/3 Octave Digital Equalizer receives digital data from the source unit via its optical digital input and sends the digitally processed 24-bit digital signal via its optical digital outputs. Digital signal processing is performed in 50/34-bit to ensure superbly pure signal processing for dual 31-band graphic equalization, Natural Acoustic Control with a choice of 2 reference acoustic settings, time alignment with digital delay and many other attractive features.

50/34 signal processing and 24-bit transmission
NAC (Natural Acostic Control) : Early reflection & Reverberation :
initial delay, Liveness, Room size, Level, HF reflection
Equalizer: Dual 31-band graphic:
20Hz - 20kHz, 1/3 Oct., level: +/- 12 dB
Optical digital input
Dual Optical digital output