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RS-K1 Cassette Tuner


The RS-K1 has a large, clear, easy-to-read LCD display to show you the current operations and status information at a glance. Intelligent logic software giudes you through your selections using a step-by-step menu system.

For maximum security, the front panel simply lifts off - take it with you whenever you go, and your valuable system cannot be used. An effective deterrent to the most determined thief.

The AD-R60 Mounting Arm allows convenient and safe installation of the System Communicator while you drive.


Diversity Adaptive RDS Tuner with fuzzy Logic Technology
FM Usable Sensitivity 8 dBf (0.7 u V/75 ohm mono)
18 FM + 6 AM/LW presets, extended AM band reception


Freq. response (Metal tape) 20Hz - 20,000Hz (+3, -0 dB)
Wow and flutter 0.05% (WRMS)
S/N Ratio (dB) using Metal tape Dolby* C Nr. in : 73
Dolby* B Nr. in : 67
Dolby* Nr. out : 61
Built-in High Performance 18-bit A/D Converter for pure, natural
digital conversion (Tuner and Cassette)
Controls up to four 12-disc Multiplay CD Player RS-M1
Disc Title Memory Displays names of up to 100
CD's, with 1-day memory backup