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RS-M1 Changer


RS-M1 Optical Digital Reference Multiplay car CD player.

The purest source of the Pioneer ODR system, this high-spec, high performance 12-disc Multiplay car CD player is designed to be mounted discretely out of sight. Load a 12-disc magazine, and hours of pure digital listening pleasure from your favorite CD's are yours at the touch of a button. Thanks to the disc title memory, the memorized title of the disc you are playing (e.g. Mozart) is shown on the display.

Signal Format:
Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz
Number of Quantization Bits: 16 bit linear
Max. Current Consumption 1.1 A
12-disc capacity, with 12-disc magazine (supplied)
All functions operated through Optical Digital Reference System
Controller RS-K1
Double-Floating anti-vibration design, plus heavyweight disc
clamper and vibration absorbent aluminum diecast mounting bracket
Brushless spindle motor
Motor-driven door stucture