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Pioneer ODR System Website
Related Links

On this page I'll include some of my favorite places on the web, along with an explanation of what I like about each site.

A link to a Yahoo group dedicated to the Pioneer ODR, Clarion ADCS-1 and the Sony XES systems.

Jon Dailey's 1991 Legend with ODR equipment

Steve Cornell's (a Team Pioneer member) install in a 1996 Impala

A install in a Ford Thunderbird featuring an ODR system.

More Pictures of that Thunderbird install with ODR

Scott Buwalda's Legendary 240sx Expert class IASCA car featuring ODR components

A link to BetaTDI's VW Jetta with a new ODR system.

Benjamin Lesnak's CRX with ODR equipment.

Alexandre Electronic's 1994 VW Caravelle van all ODR system

Renault Space V6 with ODR speakers

Christian's 1999 Volvo S40