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Limited Edition a/d/s 336 PX speakers
Clarion ADSC-1
Esoteric Audio E7 6 Channel Ampflifiers
Sony XES System
US Acoustics USX amps
Directed Electronics 500 4 Channel Amplifier
Aura Force 12" woofers
JL Audio Fiberglass Plates
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Welcome to my photo album!

I sell many things on Ebay, but some items I list seperately on a for sale page because I don't always get the response I would like on Ebay. Most of this stuff is hard to find and sometimes harder to find an interested party.

Below is a link to my ebay feedback page. I've sold lots of stuff on there and I've got a top of positive feedback, the majority for sales of car audio.

On the following pages, I have very detailed pictures, as well as specs and even scanned reviews if I can find them.

I accept Paypay, Billpay and money order.