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US Acoustics USX amps

U.S. Acoustics

If you're looking for an ironclad performer that produces top power and value, then US Acoustics is for you. These well designed, ruggedly built amplifiers gives your music the hard-hitting impact that the pros demand. And they deliver quality and features you'd expect from amplifiers costing much, much more.

You can also count on US Acoustics amps to give you some real high performance extras. You get an anti-thump circuit for quiet turn-on, LED-indicated four-way protection, built-in crossovers, noise-rejecting inputs and more. And if you need to hook your US Acoustics amplifier to your factory radio, you'll find speaker-level inputs on several models.

So no mater what your requirement is, US acoustics has something for you.

The Affordable American Dream

Power Supply:
--Pulse Width Modulated Push Pull Output stages using High
Current Mosfets, operates at 55kHz
--Regulated using full Balanced Bridged Feedback
--Time Delay Turn On
--Muting Circuits are optically isolated.
--Thermal Protection shuts off amp at 80 degrees Celsius
--35 Nano Second switching rectifiers are used.
--Multiple Bypass Capacitors on the 12V supply reduces
total ESR of the Capacitor bank

--All U.S. Acoustics preamplifier utilize High Speed Low
Noise Operational Amplifiers.
--Wide Range input sensitivity allows the Signal to Noise
Ratio to be Optimized
--Power Amplifiers utilize a low feedback Bipolar Pure
Class A Driver Stage and Full Mosfet Output stages
--All Output Stages use High Current Mosfet
--All Output Stages are Short Circuit Protected
-- Each Channel is fully DC protected.




Amplifier Type: 2-channel
RMS Power: 150W x 2 @ 12.9V
Bridged RMS Power: 450 x 1 @ 12.9V
THD at Rated RMS Power: <0.01%
Speaker Level Inputs: Yes
Preamp Outputs: No
Built-In Crossovers: LP
Bass Boost: 0-18 dB
Frequency Response: 10-30,000 Hz
Channel Separation: 93 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 105 dB
Fuse Rating: 35 amps

All of these amps are in mint condition, with a copy of the owners manual included.

The 2150 and the 4085 are the exact same size and come in the same boxes (and all are in similar condition) so I haven't include pictures of all of them.

Retail for these is

US Acoustic USX 4085
85 Watts per channel x 4 at .01% THD into 4 ohms
120 Watts per channel x 4 at .01% THD into 2 ohms
240 Watts per channel x 2 at .01% THD into 4 ohms
All Power Ratings at 12.9 Volts
S/N Ratio @ 101 db
High Pass Crossover : 12HZ - 200HZ
Low Pass Crossover : 40HZ - 200HZ
Frequency Response : 10HZ - 30KHZ

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