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Limited Edition a/d/s 336 PX speakers
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Limited Edition a/d/s 336 PX speakers

These are the limited edition a/d/s 336 PX speakers. These were a statement piece by a/d/s, with them releasing a set of PX series amp and woofer to match these speakers. While a/d/s continues to make a PX line, the newer model comparable to this model has a composite plastic frame like the regular line of speakers, not a machined brass and aluminum frame like this set.

This set is brand new, in the box, was sitting in a glass display case and has never been powered up. Retail for these was $2000.

A sunrise; Actual size=240 pixels wide





Here are several pictures of the bottom and side of the driver to show you the frame and magnet. The posts that connect the front of the driver to the back are machined out of brass, with the top and bottom of the frame made out of machined aluminum.


Here are some pictures of the front of the midrange drivers.




Here are three pictures of the tweeter and the mounting system. That is a machined aluminum cup to mount the tweeter with a screw on trim piece that holds it in place. Very fancy way of mounting a tweeter.




Several pictures of the crossover. As you can see, they are BIG. But they have the best parts you can get inside, including Solen caps. To top it off, all the parts are closely matched to give you the best sound money can buy. The top of the crossover is made out of plexiglass, the bottom is made out of machined aluminum like the frames on the woofers.