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Welcome to my MD Trading Site!

Well, this is my first shot at a webpage, so please be patient.

I just purchased my first MD recorder (a JVC XU-301BK) within the last month. I have always wanted to try the MD format, but never really could afford to get an MD player and recorder plus a player for my car.

Within the last two months, J and R dropped the price on the XU-301BK to $199.99 and as a employee at a Stereo shop that sold Sony, I was able to purchase an MDX-8500x for around $120, so I was well on my way to trying a new format. The fact that my CD player in my car died just helped push me to try the format in my car.

I love the MD format. Titleing is a bit of a pain in the ass for the JVC unit, but it isn't too bad. I like the size of the MDs, and to me the Sony unit kicks ass compared to my Eclipse CD player that was in the car before.

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