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Here are a few simple rules I like to follow.

1) If you have something that I want we will trade 1:1 (For everyone MD of mine you want you give me one MD of yours). If not, a 2:1 if I you don't have anything I want.

2) I only use good quality, brand new 74 or 80 minute minidiscs. I don't accept any MDs with plastic shutters.

3) I don't bother electronically titling the MDs, we will email each other track listings, unless stated otherwise. (although, if you have one of those MD recorders that automatically uploads it for you, I would be willing to throw in a blank or two for the trouble).

4) MDs are made digitally (from CDs or MDs via a digital cable) and I would expect the same in return

5) I will pay for the postage to you and I expect the same in return. We post in padded, secure envelopes via First Class US mail.

6) I prefer to do several trades at once. Just makes it much more economical on postage and things like that.