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Clarion ADCS-1

Welcome to my hobby site!

This site is dedicated to my favorite system on the whole planet. I have always wanted to get one of these, but retail value for a complete system was $5000 when they came out.

One day about 4 years, online I was talking to someone on #caraudio on IRC and the guy mentioned that a local shop near him was selling complete systems for $750. So I picked up my first ADCS-1. Then I sold it. Then I bought another one from the same shop. Then I sold it. Then I acted as a middleman to buy a third one from that shop. Then I find out that the shop only had a few left, and the price had gone up. So I didn't have one. Then I bought all the equipment ouf of a show vehicle that included an ADCS-1. But it didn't include the big remote. I sold this one to Kevin7909 (the other ADCS-1 authority that I know of in the US). Then I finally found the floor model from the shop I had purchased the other 3 from and bought that one. I ended selling that one to Juha "King Kong" Kiikola, a crazy European guy who competes with a Chevy 1500 Pick Up (this is in a country where gas costs $4 a gallon). Interestingly enough, I was able to find two more, which I currently own. One was one from a guy who got married and had purchased his system when they were $750. The other was a guy in the Pacific Northwest who recieved his system in trade for equipment from a person who used to be a Clarion rep.

The DPAA-1 is the computer that was sold to dealers that allowed them to plug it in and self tune the system. This was the reason I wanted to get the system. I was lucky to find one of the computers online (2 in fact, with Kevin7909 being one of the other people I know who has one). Clarion basically took the laptops from all these DPAA-1s they had, gave them to Clarion employees and wrote the rest of the DPAA-1 off as scrap and threw them away. I was able to find 2 of these brains from a local former Clarion employee and now I have computer based RTA.

On this site, I'm going to talk about my own skill or hobby. I'll give a bit of history on the subject itself, as well as some background on how I got involved in it. I might also include some instructions on how to perform my hobby, as well as any tips or tricks I've acquired through the years. And, of course, I'll include lots of pictures of the results of my hobby or of me enjoying myself doing it.

Please sign my guestbook and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips.

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Cat in needlepoint; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Here I might put a picture of something I made or of me enjoying my hobby.